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Yoga Therapy

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A Happier, Healthier You

Are you in need of physical and/or mental healing? I provide clients with individualized yoga prescriptions. This is a series of breathing techniques, exercises, yoga postures, and relaxation unique to the each clients' specific needs.

Individual Therapy


Quality Care

I am aware that the stress of dealing with difficult life situations can manifest itself in maladaptive coping behaviors, depression, and anxiety. This can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves, others, and the world around us. I believe everyone can find inner peace through  connection with the true self. Whether a person is struggling with a certain disorder, a specific challenge in life, making changes, or seeking personal insight and self growth, I can help them find the serenity to live life to its fullest. My experience includes, but is not limited to, working with those suffering from self harmful behaviors, personality disorders, panic, anxiety, depression, negative body image, and eating disorders. I have a passion for helping young adults and teens transition into adulthood. I have an extensive background in providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mindfulness therapies.

Combined Yoga/Counseling


Here For You

If you are looking to use yoga as an essential tool in your recovery this is a fantastic option. Time in the session is equally spent in yoga therapy and mental health counseling.  Discussion on how yoga can be applied on and off the mat takes place.


Online Learning.

Convenient, Effective, & Ethical

If you have trouble physically getting to an office due to scheduling, location, or family this could be a wonderful option. I provide counseling to anyone in the state of Texas and coaching worldwide. The same goals and outcomes can be achieved and healing can occur at your convenience. Appointments can be made through the Virtual Therapist Network by typing my name, Courtney Dunn, in the Find a Therapist section, or going to the following link https://www.virtualtherapistnetwork.com/courtney-dunn/

Calm Sea

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.





  • I graduated from the Ghosh Yoga College of India  in March 2017 with a certificate in Yoga Therapeutics.

  • I have completed a 200 hour CYT training in Hatha Yoga with Aura Wellness in 2017.

  • I have completed a 500 hour CYT training with PURE Yoga Institute in 2019

  • I have taught and volunteered with the non-profit organization Pure Action- Yoga is Medicine since Spring of 2016.

  • Through Pure Action I taught yoga to teenage girls in recovery at Phoenix House, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and women with addictions at Austin Recovery

  • I taught a weekly donation based One Posture at a Time yoga class for teens in recovery

  • I have taught yoga to inpatient and outpatient teens at Houston Behavioral Health


  • I have been in private practice since 2015.

  • I graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas with a Master’s of Art in Counseling in August of 2012. I completed  3,000 internship hours at Plumeria Counseling Center and under private practice supervision.

  • I  volunteered at Austin State Hospital for 3 years where I  provided individual and group DBT skills training to patients suffering from a variety of mental disorders.

  • I also volunteered with Community in Schools at Ann Richard’s School for Young Women Leaders. During this time I provided individual counseling to adolescent girls as well as led a weekly DBT skills training group.

  •  I have attended a DBT Emotion Regulation workshop with Marsha Linehan, the creator of DBT.

I have a deep love for bringing to others the gift of the mind body connection!!


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