About Me

Serenity Yoga Therapy grew through my own personal yoga and recovery journey. I have struggled with recovering from Anorexia for several years. I found counseling to be a major help in gaining insight into my coping behaviors. I developed a strong desire to help others and entered the field of counseling. After beginning my own journey with yoga, I found it to be an essential key to my long road of recovery. It has helped me create a mind body connection that no other form of treatment could provide. I quickly became passionate about sharing this information with others. I knew from my counseling experience that every clients’ situation is individual and each has their own unique recovery path. This lead to my decision  to attend the Ghosh Yoga College in India to study yoga therapy, where I learned to write individualized yoga prescriptions. I realize that yoga in itself can bring with it many unexpected emotions. Combining yoga and counseling to help others along a healing journey of their own is the answer to how I can passionately help others.